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    No. 1 Roulette Playing Tip: Avoiding the Myths

    Casino-based roulette is full of fun and excitement. Basically, roulette is a game of luck and it requires no skill at all. It only employs the act of betting on a desired number based on the roulette wheel.

    Popular as it is, still there are many people who believe that there are ways to beat the wheel and the casino as well. Most folks even believe in myths that surround the game that eventually lead them to playing the game unsuccessfully.

    Most roulette players believe that all wheels are alike. This isn't true because there are two types of roulette wheels; the American and the European roulette wheels. If you want to gain more edge over the house, you should definitely choose the European Roulette to play on.

    The European Roulette wheel has 37 slots compared to the American Roulette wheel which has 38. The house advantage when playing the European Roulette is only 2.7 % versus 5.25% on American Roulette. If you choose to play the European Roulette, the odds are to your favor.

    Another myth is that the roulette wheel doesn't spin at a random. This is the probably the most obvious and most common perception of players. It is important to know that the roulette wheel does not record its spins, so there's no history to base and affect the result of your subsequent spins. It is also senseless to assume this theory since each spin is different and occurs independently.

    Players also tend to bet on dormant numbers or those numbers that have not been hit for a certain period of time. There is no guarantee whether these numbers will be hit on the next spin of the roulette wheel. The odds of hitting any dormant numbers is still 1 of 36.

    Strategizing roulette players use mathematics in trying to beat the house edge. Clearly, no mathematical equation or system can help a player increase his odds or win over the casino's edge. It is an expensive attempt to do so, since there have been published math systems on the market nowadays. But as mentioned earlier, the wheel spins at a random and there's no telling what number will be hit. There is no recorded history of every spin made by the roulette wheel based upon.

    Another myth is with regards to money management schemes. The best explanation to divert players from believing in these money schemes is that whatever you do with your money, the casino's house edge on roulette doesn't change. This system will only affect the player in terms of his spending and betting capabilities, but not the game nor the roulette wheel, for that matter. It's how he/she budgets the bankroll that would somehow give results but no the game.

    Playing casino roulette is fun, but players need to be sensible and responsible enough to be able to understand the game. No myth or proven system can guarantee a win.