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    5 Things to Look for Before Joining a Casino

    So you've finally decided to take the plunge and play in an online casino. However once you surf the Net, you realize there are multitudes out there, all asking you to join them. With absolutely no experience, how does one cope?

    You can trim down this voluminous list by checking if the online casinos have the following features.

    1. Free downloadable games

    Any online casino that charges a fee to download or play their game isn't worth signing up for. You have already made a deposit, so there is no need for you to pay to play the game.

    Second, there should be several games available; it doesn't matter if you only play Blackjack; it's good to know that there are other games you can play in case you get tired of the usual ones you're playing.

    2. Demo or Play Money Casino Games

    Some players swear that playing demos or with free money helped them become better gamers. Others will claim that it only teaches you bad habits. Either way you look at it, every good gambling site must not just have this feature but also permit unlimited usage.

    Why? Because if you want to play a new game (i.e., you want to try out Baccarat, something you've never done), you wouldn't want to risk real money; you'll want -and need- to spend time with a demo game to hone your skills.

    3. Chat Features

    Gambling isn't just about playing for money but also an opportunity for friends to get together. Most online casinos have chat features, but you should look for one that includes the ability to join private groups, or create your own.

    The public chat section should also have a moderator so that abuse or harassment of users can be monitored and prevented.

    4.Able Support

    Most, if not all online casinos offer technical support, but the best ones are on call 24/7. This is very important because players come from different time zones, and any sensible gambling site should take this into account. Getting an email response is one thing, but phone support is also a must.

    5.Quick and Efficient Payout Systems

    Before you join an online casino, inspect the payment schemes. You may only use one method (i.e., credit card or Paypal), but there should be several available.

    Take your time in going over these features, and check if they are present in the casino. If all the five are there, then chances are you've found the ideal site to play and win some money in.