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    Casino Etiquette: Playing Nice

    There is nothing more irritating than a rookie player who has very little understanding of the game they are playing and has to be constantly tutored in its every minute detail. First time gamblers should be made aware that there are certain practices of casino etiquette that they have to be versed in so as not to alienate the other players sitting with them at the game table.

    If a player is not too familiar with the rules of a particular game, it is proper casino etiquette to simply keep one's distance and learn by casually observing the game in progress. One should do so quietly and must refrain from disrupting the game and its players.

    It is impolite to buy or cash in chips while a hand is still ongoing. Good etiquette suggests that players should wait until the hand is over before doing so, in order to avoid interrupting the game. When one wishes to cash out, be courteous to the dealer by exchanging the chips of lesser denominations for those with bigger ones. This way, the dealer won't be saddled with a massive pile of chips.

    Good casino etiquette doesn't just apply to the attitude one carries while playing, but also to certain practices in playing the game. Such as in the game of cards, where the cards are dealt with the face either up or down, good manners dictate that one must keep their hands off the cards that have been dealt face up.

    Gambling protocol maintains that players can only use one hand to touch cards that have been dealt face down. Also, the cards being casino property, players must be careful not to damage or bend them. Certain casinos are in fact very particular about bending cards, which they consider as cheating. Regardless of whether or not one actually is cheating, it is better that one adheres to this policy so as not to be thought badly of at the table.

    Casino etiquette forbids players from touching their bets while the cards are being dealt. Players have to wait for the hand to conclude before they can do so.

    As is the case anywhere else, drinking too much alcohol is definitely prohibited at the gambling table. This is not just proper casino etiquette, but proper common sense in general. The presence of a drunk at a game is distracting to the other players.

    It never hurts to be polite. Players must learn to follow correct casino etiquette for the benefit of their fellow players as well as their own. One should always practice good manners in everything they do, and this is no less true in gambling.