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    Concise Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

    You'll find many online casino bonuses when you browse around for a good casino to play on. Just take note that not all these bonuses are the same. As an added precaution, you should always check the terms before signing up. Here are some of the usual online casino bonuses you'll find:

    Welcome Bonus: This might be the most common or even the very first online casino bonus you'll ever get. Some online gambling sites call this the sign up bonus, which practically just means the same. A welcome bonus or a sign up bonus is just what its name purports it to be. It is a bonus you get when you sign up for an account. Sign up bonuses are incentives for anyone who signs up for an account.

    Percentage Bonus: This online casino bonus is dependent on the amount of your deposit. The most common amounts of percentage bonuses you'll find are the 50% ones and the 100% ones and at times you'll also find 200% percentage bonuses. As an example, you made a $100 deposit. Let's say that the percentage bonus is at 50%. You get to play with an additional $50 other than the $100 you deposited. However, you should always look into the terms and conditions of this percentage bonus.

    Match Bonus: This online casino bonus is the same as getting a 100% percentage bonus. This goes on to say that the online gambling site you signed up for will match every dollar you deposit with a dollar of their own. So, like in our previous example, if you made a $100 deposit, you'll get another $100 as a bonus.

    No Deposit Bonus: As the name of this online casino bonus implies, this one won't require any player to make a deposit to qualify. The only requirement you'll mostly find is that you should make a real money account with the said online gaming site to receive a no deposit bonus. No deposit bonus will be as huge as deposit bonuses.

    Reload Bonus: This online casino bonus is an added incentive for those who stay and make additional deposits. This is more of a loyalty incentive for customers who come back and play. This online casino bonus works just like a welcome bonus.

    High Roller Bonus: This bonus is usually larger than what an online casino usually gives out. Of course, the recipients of this bonus are those who make really huge deposits. Some casinos even offer $500 or even $1000 high roller bonuses.

    Remember to always check the terms for each bonus you sign up for. Never sign up for an online casino or a bonus unless you have read and understood its terms.