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    A Few Reminders on Casino Code of Ethics

    Playing in a casino is like having dinner in your favorite restaurant. You may be sitting at your own table but there are other people in the restaurant who are also enjoying their food just like you. Inasmuch as there are rules on etiquette and proper decorum when you have dinner in a restaurant, there is also a set of casino code of ethics that should be followed.

    This code of conduct may not be written in paper but they necessitate our obedience to them. Those who are unable to comply with the casino code of ethics are usually shown the door or politely asked to leave.

    Casino employees are also expected to abide by these rules on conduct as much as the players are. Some of these table civilities in a casino may involve proper hand signals, how to buy in or color out of a particular table game, like baccarat in particular even have a dress code.

    Here are a few samples of these casino civilities that anyone should become familiar with.

    General Rules and Casino Code of Ethics: Whenever you have placed your bets you generally are not allowed to touch them. You only get to touch your chips when you are paid your winnings. You may ask to have the deck of cards replaced. However it is poor decorum when you keep asking it to be replaced every now and then.

    Remember to watch your words and never accuse anyone of cheating, especially the dealers. Abusive and offensive language is a quick way out the door. Another rule of conduct is to never hand any money to the dealer. If you're buying in, just lay your money on the table at the start of a round and the dealer will exchange it for chips.

    Casino Code of Ethics Regarding Slots: Slots are fun to play and some even play more than one machine at a time. This is perfectly fine, except if the casino is crowded. When you find that the casino is packed, play only on one slot machine to give room for others to play.

    If you see a cup on the seat or on the handle of a slot machine, do not play on it. This is a signal that the machine is in use and the other player may have just gone off to get change or took a quick break.

    Casino Code of Ethics Regarding Craps: Make sure you learn how to make wagers in craps. Some craps wagers can be made by the players and some require the assistance of dealers. When the shooters throws the dice, make sure your hands are off the table so that you don't obstruct them.

    Casino Code of Ethics Regarding Roulette: If you're not playing roulette, then get up and let someone who wants to play have a seat. When playing with friends, remember to take different colored chips.

    Casino code of ethics may not be written down like most gaming rules. However, they are just as important as the actual game rules since breaking these ethical standards will get you thrown out or banned from a casino.