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    Two Simple Roulette Systems:

    The Black / Red System

    This is simply a contest of colors : black and red. There are 50-50 odds that either black or red will emerge because half of the table is red and the other half is black. An accurate pick on the correct color that will appear every other spin would result to a break even. Bearing this in mind, try the following:

    Gamble on a color. If you succeed, get hold of your winning and leave your first bet for the succeeding spin. Start out small and if breaks continue, increase your bet if you can afford to do so. If the opposite happens, double your bet. If the next wager has the same result, accept defeat and begin again. When you continue to win, get hold of your winnings and do not touch your primary bet.

    Changing colors will not improve your chances of winning. Every color has similar chance of emerging at every spin. The Odd/Even or High/Low system can be used.

    The "Five Numbers" System

    Straight-up inside bets when payoffs are 35 to 1 for wins is needed for this strategy. Bets will be placed on five separate numbers. Remember, 0 and 00 are included in the inside numbers you can gamble on.

    Birthdays, anniversaries or other favorite dates are usually picked by many people. Choose any five numbers, they all have similar winning chances. Choose a game where the minimum bet is as low as $1 and buy chips amounting to $40. Limiting yourself to relatively small wagers cannot hurt you. In this system, you can can bet your luck on two consecutive instances. The winnings are not that high.

    Begin by putting a chip on the five you numbers you have chosen. Repeat the same process until you get lucky, your chips are good enough for eight attempts. When the ball falls on any of your numbers, you get 35 chips. Now excitement is in the air.

    Separate the 35 chips over the five numbers you choose, playing seven chips on one number. If you get lucky again, your total payoff will be $245.00.

    By this time, you can get hold of your winnings and stop. Past and future defeats can be covered by the cash you have won in one session. You could also take your chance by betting 100 chips on the same five numbers you picked. If you get lucky, your total collections could reach $700.00!

    Whatever the results, this was your final spin. Knowing when to stop is a characteristic of smart gambling. Best of luck.